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The Forma Magic: Making Mature Skin Look Younger Than Ever

The Forma Magic: Making Mature Skin Look Younger Than Ever

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You’re beautiful at any age, but it’s hard to feel that way on some days. Past a certain age, the skin changes, causing a loss of laxity and sagging as well as wrinkles and fine lines. They say life starts at 40 but for women dealing with these inevitable signs of ageing, it can feel like quite the opposite.

The good news is, there’s no shortage of anti-ageing treatments; from multi-step skincare routines all the way to cosmetic surgery, women all over Toronto can definitely find the perfect treatment for their needs. But what if there was an anti-ageing treatment that’s just right in the middle of these two options? Enter the Forma skin treatment. Using cutting-edge technology, Forma applies radiofrequency energy to the most common problem areas riddled with wrinkles and sagging skin, resulting in a perfect lift and toned appearance — but without the surgery.

Ready to roll back the years to look and feel your best again? Find out why the train stops here with Forma skin treatment:

What is Forma?

Forma is the latest non-invasive skin treatment to debut that uses radiofrequency to improve the elasticity of the skin and promote collagen production. The result is healthy, younger-looking skin in no virtually no time!

In the past, laser skin treatments weren’t suited for all skin types, but not anymore. Forma is designed to treat all skin types, meaning it is both safe and effective no matter the skin tone.

Total Body Rejuvenation

When we think of anti-ageing, it’s common to focus on crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and fine lines, but there are more signs on the rest of the body. In fact, wrinkles and loose skin are also common on the arms, known as “bat wings”, abdomen, and knees. The regular Forma treatment targets the forehead, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, smile lines, jowls, and neck, while the Pro version takes care of the entire body. The result is tight skin and a toned appearance all over.

The Science Behind Forma

There’s a reason why the Forma skin treatment is revolutionary: it’s all in the technology. Each Forma skin treatment delivers radio frequency and heat deep in the layers of the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen as this depletes over time, causing loose and sagging skin. The gentle heat causes the layers of the skin to contract and tighten loose skin. The result is a toned, younger-looking appearance from your twenties and thirties that didn’t seem possible until now.

Because the Forma uses radio frequency and heat to treat the signs of ageing, it’s a completely non-invasive procedure with virtually no downtime. While it’s normal to see slight redness in treated areas, this easily subsides within a few hours. In just 6 weekly sessions, you can already observe great changes in your skin as fine lines quickly ease up; plus, if skin laxity or sagging skin is only mild, you may even achieve the refreshed and youthful appearance you desire in fewer treatments.

Is Forma skin treatment right for me?

Whether you’re tired of following a multi-step skincare routine and feel like you’re getting nowhere with this tedious treatment, or you’re unsure about undergoing extensive and invasive cosmetic treatments, it’s time to consider the benefits of Forma. But is it right for you?

Forma is the perfect anti-ageing skin treatment for people dealing with various skin problems, such as texture irregularities, uneven skin tone, and most importantly, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Forma works to target these issues using radio frequency and gentle heat in order to tighten skin, improve its appearance, and give your entire body a much-needed lift and toning. The result is smooth, tightened skin that better highlights the natural contours of your body. Forma can be used to treat wrinkles and loose, sagging skin in the arms, abdomen, and legs — making it a perfect addition to Forma treatments on the facial area, and giving you younger-looking skin and a beautiful glow all over your body.

During Your Forma Skin Treatment

Unlike other skin treatments, Forma requires virtually no preparation. To start, your consultation at a clinic will determine how many treatments you need in order to ease the signs of ageing and restore younger-looking skin. The number of treatments required will depend on the degree of laxity in your skin, as well as the pronouncements of other irregularities, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks.

Before starting your Forma skin treatment, a cool conductive gel will be applied to the area being treated. This allows safe and effective contact between the Forma device and your skin, and ensures optimal delivery of radio frequency and heat to the deepest layers of aged skin in the arms, thighs, back, and abdomen. It’s normal to feel a hot sensation on the treated area as radio frequency and heat are applied and work to tighten skin and give you that much-needed lift, but this is perfectly safe and not at all uncomfortable.

This process takes about 15 minutes for every part of the treated area, and afterwards, a cool towel will be placed on it to wash away the gel and cool the skin. Cream and sunscreen may also be applied to protect the area as you step out and lock in the skin tightening and lifting effects of each treatment.

Countless patients are happy and satisfied after every Forma skin treatment. That’s because the gentle heat is refreshing and relaxing, just like getting a massage — but looking years younger once your sessions are completed. If you’re looking to speed up the process and get the best results possible, it’s important to know that Forma is perfectly safe to combine with other skin treatments, such as Botox, fillers, laser treatments, and facials. Just make sure to run these by your doctor, so they can plan out your treatments accordingly.

For more information about Forma skin-rejuvenation treatments, call Clearview MediSpa at 647-792-0980 or contact us here.

5 Ways To Look And Feel Your Best In 2016

5 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best in 2016

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It’s hard to believe that 2016 is already here! A new year is full of hope, promise, and new beginnings, as everyone begins to work towards fulfilling new years resolutions. The majority of you may have made resolutions related to health and wellness. Are we right? While everyone makes resolutions (health related or not), the majority of these resolutions tend to be broken a few months into the year. This year, that is all about to change.

Here are 5 steps to help you look and feel your best this year, as well as some simple tricks to help you stick to these steps, year-round!

  1. Eat Clean

We all live busy lifestyles, and it often seems easier to order take out, delivery, or munch on junk food rather than make the effort to prepare healthy food. As you may have encountered, eating poorly can make you feel tired, and can lead to several chronic diseases. In order to make sure you stick to your goals, make a plan for yourself. If you are planning on eating out, choose a place with healthy alternatives. Toronto has a large selection of restaurants with healthy options. Give one of these 10 healthy restaurants a try the next time you are planning an outing with your friends and family in Toronto. Making a meal plan for the upcoming week will also help you eat healthier, as well as save money! Just remember, don’t be so hard on yourself. Rather, celebrate all your successes and continue chasing your goals.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly, partnered with eating healthier, are the most popular resolutions made by North Americans every year. Being physically active can help you reach your dream body goals, as well as keep your body and mind in top shape. Integrating a quick workout into your daily routine is a simple way of making sure you stick with your goals. Try incorporating exercises right as you wake up, before your shower, during your lunch break, or before bedtime. While going to the gym 5 days a week is a great form of exercise, is that a realistic goal for you? If so, go for it! If not, consider other forms of exercise that you can actually stick to all year-round. Alternatively, choose exercises that appeal to you, such as dance classes, yoga or sports. Exercising helps you keep your bones strong, build muscle, reduce body fat, and much more; so make it fun and stick to it!

  1. Reduce, Tighten and Shape

Everyone has those problem areas that seem impossible to get rid of, even with exercise and healthy eating. Luckily, there are 2 procedures that may be just what you need to help start the year with your dream body. Body TITE is a minimally invasive procedure that provides body firming results and reduces fat in those areas that you are unhappy with. This procedure reduces fat, tightens the skin, and reduces cellulite in problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, knees back and arms. RFAL technology is used to remove excess fat through a small incision, ultimately leading to body tightening of up to 40%. The best part is that results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after 6-12 weeks!

Alternatively, Body FX is a painless non-surgical treatment that helps reduce fat and provide a more toned body. This treatment uses vacuum massage to melt away fat cells in many areas of the body, including the lower and upper abdomen, inner and outer thighs, the buttocks, the back, and bra line. There is virtually no recovery time with Body FX, and the results are permanent if you continue your exercise regime, and eat healthy.

  1. Reverse Signs of Aging

It may be a new year, but your face doesn’t need to show it! Treatments such as dermal fillers and fractora can help you achieve a more youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are injected into different areas of the face to add volume and correct various cosmetic issues. The injections require zero downtime, and the results typically last for several months. Fillers can be used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and more.

Fractora skin rejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses radio-frequency energy to stimulate collagen production, leading to a more youthful look. Results include a more even skin tone and texture, tighter pores, smoother and firmer skin and reduced wrinkles. Consider this your radio frequency facial!

  1. Reduce Stress

While you may think that you work better under a little stress and it makes you more productive, stress negatively impacts your health. Stress can give you headaches, make you feel fatigued, lead to overeating or undereating, and a lack of motivation. Make it your resolution to not only start 2016 stress-free, but continue to cut down your stress levels all year long.  Some simple ways to reduce your stress include exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and spending time with friends, family, and loved ones.


At Clearview MediSpa, we would like to help you meet all your resolutions and body goals by providing you with customized, state-of-the-art treatments. We hope that 2016 is your best year yet, and you look and feel your best all year long. Book your free personalized consultation today to get started!



Gift Idea: His And Hers Procedure

Gift Idea: His and Hers Procedures

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It’s that time of year again. Christmas décor and holiday lights have taken over everywhere you go, Christmas songs and carols play on every radio station and in every store, and the holiday shopping rush is in full swing. With the fun parties and family get-togethers also comes the struggle of finding the perfect holiday gift for your significant other. This year, why not try something different?

Couple activities drive the spirit of togetherness and strengthen ties among each other. This year, treat yourself and your significant other to a couple makeover. This shared experience will allow you both to address the aesthetic concerns that may have been bothering you for some time, while also strengthening your bond.

Take a look at our list of the best couple makeover treatments:

Body Contouring

Both men and women have those problem areas that they just can’t seem to get rid of with regular exercise and healthy eating. These procedures specifically target particular areas of the body to help you both fulfill your body goals:

  • Body TITE is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens and smooths the skin while also reducing fat all in one. This procedure works well for the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, back and arms.
  • If all of the sit-ups and planks you have been doing have not been successful in tightening your midsection, Abdominoplasty (also known as tummy tuck) may be the perfect solution for you. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat deposits from the midsection, while tightening weakened abdominal muscles. Finally, the remaining skin is pulled down to flatten and tighten the stomach.
  • Liposuction works well for areas that look out of proportion due to excess body fat. Deposits of fat are removed from the body using a process similar to vacuuming. Common areas of the body that respond well to liposuction are the abdomen, hips and thighs, buttocks, chest and neck, upper and lower back and calves and ankles.
  • If you are looking for a painless non-surgical treatment to reduce body fat, Body FX it is! Combining radio frequency energy pulses and heat together with vacuum massage, this treatment eliminates fat and tightens the skin to give you stunning body-contouring results. Treatments are once a week for approximately 45 minutes for up to 6 weeks, with virtually no recovery time.

Facial Rejuvenation

Perhaps visible signs of facial aging are more of a concern for you and your loved one. With age, wrinkles, facial folds and sagging skin slowly begin to appear. While it is impossible to turn back time, you can reverse the effects of aging with these procedures:

  • Dermal Fillers help hydrate and plump up the skin using a naturally occurring substance in the human body. This treatment smooths away fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars and may also be used to fill out cheeks that have a sunken-in look or plump up thin lips.
  • A minimally invasive alternative to the Face Lift, is Face Tite. This treatment eliminates fat or droopy areas of the face and neck using a radiofrequency technology. This short treatment will re-contour and tighten the skin of areas like the brow and cheek, neck area and jowls.
  • FORMA and FORMA Plus are non-surgical treatments that tighten, lift and improve the texture and smoothness of the skin by producing collages as well as contracting the skin.
  • Droopy eyelids and dark circles under your eyes may be adding years to your appearance. If that is the case, Blepharoplasty (also known as Eyelid Lift) is the right procedure for you. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin and/or the removal of fat from the upper and/or lower eyelids for a more youthful, energetic appearance.

Mix and Match

Of course, you and your significant other do not need to undergo the same procedure. Maybe you are more interested in eliminating signs of sun damage and aging, while your loved one has always wanted to get rid of the extra skin on their arms. Feel free to mix and match treatments to fit your specific needs and goals.

Cosmetic Procedures at Clearview MediSpa

This holiday season, share the experience of a lifetime with your loved one by growing younger and more confident together. Knowing what the other is feeling from pre-treatment, to post-treatment, to recovery, will strengthen your bond and leave you feeling closer than ever. Contact Clearview MediSpa today to book your free consultation and get started on your couples transformation!


Relive Your Youth With Fillers

Relive Your Youth with Fillers

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We all know that aging is a natural part of life. With age comes wisdom, knowledge and experience.  Unfortunately with age, we also tend to lose much of the volume of facial muscle, causing the skin to sag and wrinkle. While you may have taken great care of your skin and avoided all wrinkle-inducing habits throughout your youth, wrinkles and sagging skin are bound to happen. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do everything in your power to fight them off!

You have probably heard of and are quite familiar with Botox, but have you heard of the, slightly less famous, but equally effective fillers? Dermal fillers help to regain the youth vitality of your skin by adding volume and rejuvenating the skin. This procedure requires zero downtime, and is effective for all skin types. Eager to fight the effects of aging? Let’s take a look at dermal fillers in more detail.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Fillers are a naturally-derived substance called hyaluronic acid, which is found in the human body. These treatments are directly injected into the skin in order to plump the area and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment is relatively painless, and because it is natural there is no risk of allergic reaction. With zero downtime, you will be able to continue your daily routine while enjoying a more youthful appearance.

Treatment Areas and Procedure Details

Fillers are injected into a specific area of the skin and work well to treat a variety of regions. As mentioned previously, filling in fine lines and wrinkles is one of the most common reasons that patients opt for this treatment. Fillers can also be used to plump up thin lips to give them a full, luscious look. Pucker up, ladies! Other uses also include filling in acne scars, filling out cheeks that have a sunken-in look, and raising or accentuating eyebrows.

The treatment itself is minimally invasive and non-surgical. Results of this treatment are seen immediately, and usually last for several months. Though no downtime is required, follow-up visits usually are required to monitor progress and schedule future treatments. This procedure is quick and simple, making it easy to fit into a busy schedule!

Fillers at Clearview MediSpa

Clearview MediSpa provides state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments that will correct issues in a variety of areas, in order to enhance your appearance, and restore the confidence you may have lost along the way. We are committed to providing industry leading expertise and the highest level of results to all our patients.

Dermal fillers correct the signs of aging that are beyond what skincare products can do. Nothing is more gratifying than immediately shedding years off your age! To help you fight the aging process, we are offering $75 off fillers for the month of December! If you would like to take advantage of this promotion and achieve a more youthful appearance, the first step is to book your free consultation now.

What To Ask Before Your Next Procedure

What To Ask Before Your Next Procedure

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Considering getting a little work done to look and feel your best? You are not alone! Whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, millions of people opt for plastic surgery to reach their desired results every year. Undergoing plastic surgery can be life changing, and you want to ensure you cross all your ‘t’s’ and dot all your ‘i’s’ before your procedure is under-way.

Be sure to ask these 10 vital questions at your next consultation:

  1. Are you a board certified plastic surgeon?
    • You want to ensure that your surgeon has the right training, and is qualified to perform plastic surgery. After all, this is your face and body we are talking about, and you want to be confident in your surgeon’s skills!
  2. How many years of plastic surgery training and experience do you have?
    • Whether you are undergoing a simple, or a more invasive procedure, the number of times your surgeon has performed the procedure is important. The more times a procedure has been performed, the more comfortable the surgeon will be with the procedure and it’s complexities, and the more comfortable you feel in your surgeon’s abilities and recommendations.
  3. Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
    • You have done your research and chosen the procedure that you believe is best for you. However, your surgeon is the expert and will be able to provide you with other options that may be more suitable for your objectives.
  4. How long will the procedure last?
    • Some procedures, such as Wrinkle Treatment, are quick and result in zero downtime. Abdominoplasty, on the other hand, may require an overnight stay, and follow-up visits are often necessary. Your surgeon will be able to provide you with more information, so you know how much time to book off work and other activities.
  5. How long is the recovery time, and what is expected of me before/after procedure?
    • I’m sure you’re anxious to continue your daily activities and start enjoying your results, so how long before you can get back to it? The recovery time will differ depending on the procedure. Upon consultation, your surgeon will provide you with a better estimate of recovery time, ensuring you take enough time off for a full and safe recovery. Be sure to ask your surgeon regarding preparations for before and after the surgery.
  6. What are the potential risks and complications associated with the procedure?
    • You want to be sure that you are aware of any possible risks, and how they are preventatively addressed.
  7. Where and how will the procedure be performed?
    • Will anesthesia be used? Will the procedure be performed in an office or hospital? Your surgeon will be able to inform you of all the details prior to the procedure so you feel comfortable and prepared. You will want to make all arrangements ahead of time, so everything runs smoothly on the day of your procedure.
  8. What is the total cost of the treatment?
    • As with any investment, you want to have a complete breakdown of all the costs you will incur before, during and after your procedure. Note, this is also a good time to ask your surgeon what financing options are available.
  9. Do you have any before and after photos of similar procedures?
    • Before and after photos will be able to provide you with a realistic idea of what you should expect after your procedure. Keep in mind, every person is individual and unique, and results may vary depending on factors including body type, age, etc.
  10. What are the possibilities in case of dissatisfaction?
    • We certainly hope that this is not the case, but in the event that you are not happy with your results, you will want to know all possible options that will lead to your satisfaction. If you are thorough in your questions prior to your procedure though, you will have realistic expectations of the results, and should be nothing but happy with the outcome!

Communicating openly with your plastic surgeon is the first step to ensuring whether plastic surgery is the right choice for you. Working together with your surgeon will help them understand your goals, expectations, and motivations; and ensure that the treatment selected will meet your expectations.

Your personalized consultation is a great time to ask any and all questions you may have about reaching your desired results. Feeling comfortable with the surgeon you have selected is the first step to the new you. Meet our knowledgeable staff at Clearview MediSpa and have all your questions answered by booking your own personalized consultation today!



Discrete Procedures For Men

Discrete Procedures For Men

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Cosmetic procedures, once synonymous with female patients only, are now widely understood to be suitable for everyone. The amount of men turning to cosmetic procedures has actually increased dramatically over the past 5 years, with a 43% increase overall. Despite this increase, it is possible that some men still may not want others to know they have undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Call it pride, or call it privacy; regardless of the reason these men are in luck. There are cosmetic procedures available which, due to their minimally invasive nature and fast recovery time, are extremely discrete.

Here are a few procedures you can undergo, essentially under the radar. You will have everyone wondering how you suddenly look so good!

Wrinkle Treatment

Fine lines and wrinkles happen to the best of us. Laugh or smile lines around the mouth, frown or worry lines in between the eyes or across the forehead, and crow’s feet outside of the eyes are all very common. Luckily, you can quickly, and discretely, combat these signs of aging. Wrinkle treatment injections are administered to the problem areas, and effectively reduce muscle activity in that area, giving you a more youthful appearance that can last for several months! Injections are quick, relatively painless, and require absolutely no downtime.

Brow Lift

Sagging eyebrows, vertical frown lines between the eyebrows, and horizontal lines across the middle of the forehead can all make you look older and tired, even at your most refreshed! The brow lift procedure is designed to slightly raise the brow, and smooth out the forehead. Since incisions are strategically placed, no scarring is visible after the procedure. While there may be some swelling and bruising common to the recovery process, the brow lift is a completely outpatient surgery. A brow lift results in a more alert, and youthful appearance, and a more relaxed appearance of forehead lines. This procedure is often paired with blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid lift. While this may be a longer recovery time, it also means a greater transformation!


If you are experiencing fat or droopy areas on your face, the Face TITE procedure works to eliminate these issues, while contouring and firming at the same time. This minimally invasive procedure is an alternative to a full surgical facelift, without going under a surgeon’s knife, and without the recovery time! With Face TITE, there is minimal discomfort, and it is a relatively short treatment time, with immediate results of skin being lifted! This revolutionary technology uses a hand held device to apply heat just under the skin to produce more collagen. While you will see results right away, results will continue to improve over a six-week period as more collagen is produced, and skin continues to tighten!


Have you ever heard the term “turkey neck”? If you have, you are probably already wondering how to address it. The Neck TITE procedure is the most advanced treatment to tighten the jaw and neck area. Similar to Face TITE, this procedure uses radio frequency energy technology to gently remove the fat and contour the skin in these troubled areas at the same time. As the new collagen forms, the results will continue to improve over the next 3 – 12 weeks after your procedure. Since the device used is designed specifically for the delicate areas of the neck and jaw, no scars will be left from the procedure. The best part of this Neck TITE, is that most patients need just one treatment to achieve their desired results!


Many minimally invasive procedures with low or no recovery time are designed to combat signs of aging on the face and neck: where others are most able to see our flaws. One procedure that affectively targets the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and back is BodyFX. This non-surgical treatment is used to reduce body fat, tighten skin, and even reduce cellulite. This is the best way to target any leftover fatty tissue, and give you a more toned, contoured body. Using a similar radio frequency energy technology as both Face TITE and Neck TITE, BodyFX is pain-free, safe, and convenient; treatments are approximately 45 minutes long, and can be administered once a week for up to 6 weeks. Results are permanent, and no one will catch on to your slowly shrinking problem areas.

Cosmetic Procedures for Men at Clearview MediSpa

At Clearview MediSpa, we pride ourselves on our industry leading expertise, our state-of-the-art equipment, and our convenient and confidential financing. We are dedicated to providing patients with customized treatments, designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Schedule your free consultation appointment today and discover a new you, without anyone ever knowing!





Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: The Time is Now!

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We can all be critical of our bodies; this is definitely nothing new. One of the most common body issues that weigh heavily on women’s chests is, in fact, their chest! Whether it is the size, shape, or lift, many women express dissatisfaction in the way their breasts look.

Seeking a resolution often leads to the same answer: a breast augmentation procedure. It’s even more common than you think. In fact, breast augmentation consistently tops the list of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures, with nose reshaping and liposuction trailing behind. This procedure is a safe, affordable, and very common option for more and more women each year.

If you aren’t in love with your look and have been considering a breast augmentation procedure, the time to move forward is now! New technology has made this procedure safer than ever, and even the type of implants used can be chosen to specifically suit your needs. If that’s not enough to convince you to book your breast augmentation consultation, perhaps providing more information on what to expects before, during, and after the procedure will be all the knowledge you need to finally get the look you want!

Considering Breast Augmentation

There are many reasons women choose to undergo a breast augmentation procedure; each one as unique and personal as the woman herself. Some women have more emotional or physical reasons for this procedure, such as having breasts that are noticeably two different sizes, or changes in the body after a substantial weight loss; both of which could create a poor body image. For others, the reasons for breast augmentation can be purely cosmetic, with a desire for perkier, larger, or more youthful-looking breasts.

Not to be confused with the breast lift procedure, which is designed to provide a lift to sagging breasts and restore a more youthful look, a breast augmentation procedure consists of enlarging the breasts with implants. The implants themselves can either be saline or cohesive silicone, depending on the desired look and goals for the procedure. If you are unsure of how to choose breast implants, your plastic surgeon will be able to walk you through this decision process.

Procedure and Recovery Process

Once you have chosen your type of implants and desired size, you can finally proceed with your breast augmentation procedure. Let’s look a bit further into what to expect during, and after your procedure.

For most, the actual procedure may seem daunting at first, but as mentioned previously, new technology ensures that modern breast augmentation procedures are safer now than ever! During the procedure, incisions are made in one of two places: either beneath each areola, or in the crease underneath each breast. These areas make incisions more discrete post-procedure, but any scarring will fade in time.

Breast augmentation doesn’t require an overnight stay, but follow-up visits are necessary for your plastic surgeon to check on the progress of your healing. Approximately two weeks of recovery time is usually required, where it’s necessary to stay away from most regular activities, including work. Make sure you take the appropriate amount of time off to ensure a smooth and seamless recovery!

During your recovery time, it is recommended to wear a sports bra to provide support and limit breast movement. While it may take up to about six weeks before you can fully resume strenuous exercise, results will last for years. Your new breasts will change with normal aging, as well as the effects of gravity.

Breast Augmentation at Clearview MediSpa

Clearview MediSpa has a proven record of successful breast augmentation procedures. Using our industry leading expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we are dedicated to providing patients with amazing results, and the highest level of care.

During your personalized consultation, our plastic surgeon will discuss your goals for your breast augmentation procedure, and will walk you through the entire procedure process. Any questions or concerns can be address at any time during your personalized consultation. The outcome of your consultation appointments will be a customized treatment, designed to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations!

With a more in-depth, and transparent look at ins and outs of the breast augmentation procedure, hopefully you will feel more comfortable pursuing your body goals, and will finally be able to bring your ideal breast size to life. To help you on your journey to your best body, during the month of October, Clearview MediSpa is offering $500 off your breast implants.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your personalized consultation appointment today. The time is now!


Slow Your Aging With Fractora

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A summer spent smiling, laughing, and having fun in the sun is a sign of a season well spent. As the warm weather begins to wind down and we slowly begin to spend more time indoors, we can start to notice the effects a long summer has had on us. Once our tans start to fade and we are no longer sporting that summer glow, fine lines, looser skin, and the skin texture that was once more disguised under the hot sun are now becoming more apparent and obvious.

The last thing you want is to look tired, or even worse, aged, after you have just enjoyed your summer outside. Instead of hiding away from the mirrors inside your house, why not slow the harsh effects of aging altogether, and restore your skin so you can look and feel younger for yet another season.

If you have looked into cosmetic procedures before and haven’t found what you are looking for, Fractora Skin Treatment may just be the right fit for you. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this treatment, and see if we can get that summer smile back on your face!

What is Fractora Skin Treatment?

Fractora is an innovative, non-invasive, non-surgical fractional skin treatment technology that utilizes radio-frequency energy to tighten, tone, and restore the tautness to skin. This treatment is suitable for the jaw, under the eyes, on the cheeks, and the forehead. Fractora can also be used to improve skin texture, and to treat acne scarring. Similar to a facial, the result of the Fractora skin treatment is a more even skin tone and texture, tighter pores, smoother and firmer skin, and even reduced wrinkles! This is some of the finest in skin rejuvenation available today.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, the Fractora skin treatment uses radio-frequency to target troubled areas on the face. First, a numbing gel or cream will be applied prior to the treatment, so any discomfort is minimal. During the treatment, energy is directed from a small device to the specific areas of concern, sending concentrated radio frequency. The energy is directed from tiny pins, which send gentle heat just below the dermis, the inner layer of skin, which in turn stimulate new collagen production. At the same time the heat is delivered inside the tissue to stimulate collagen production, the radio frequency energy dissipates or removes the skin on the surface as well.

What Can I Expect?

The Fractora skin treatment will improve the overall skin tone and texture to your targeted area, giving you a more youthful look. This more natural, but definitely noticeable improvement is helped in part by the increase in collagen production as well. Each treatment can be completed within just thirty minutes, and you will be able to see significant improvement within just two weeks after the treatment.

There is little downtime with Fractora, due to the tiny pins, which promote faster healing. Fractora is also safe for all skin tones, without the risk of hyperpigmentation that can result from some laser treatments.

Additionally, Fractora can be tailored for each patient’s needs. Your doctor will be able to choose the depth, energy level, and density for each treatment and each patient in order to obtain the desired results that were previously only possible to achieve through surgery. Depending on the individual, approximately 3 treatments within a four to six week interval will provide the best results. This is due to more collagen developing, and your skin continuing to improve.

Fractora At Clearview MediSpa

The Fractora skin treatment couldn’t be easier. It is a fairly quick treatment, with very little downtime, and will help you get the more youthful appearance you are looking for without an invasive surgical procedure.

While you may experience some tightness, redness, and swelling at the treatment sites, it will fade within a few days. By that time, you will also be able to apply makeup again. This treatment is so innovative, you are able to resume all your normal activities immediately post-treatment. After your treatment, we will be able to send you off smiling with post-treatment recommendations in order to minimize any possible complications.

The Fractora skin treatment can give your skin that rejuvenated, younger appearance that you so need as a refresh to start the next season off right. If you would like to learn more about Fractora skin treatment, book a free consultation with us. We would love to help you get your glow back!


What You Need to Prepare Before Your Next Procedure

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Whether you are brand new to the world of cosmetic surgery, or even if this isn’t your first time around the block, it can be very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the finished product ahead. Before you can enjoy your results, there are a few things you need to prepare before your next procedure is underway.

While the steps to preparing may differ based on your chosen procedure, generally you want to make sure that you have fully thought through the before, during, and after of your selection prior to actually receiving your treatment.

Here’s your to-do list of what you need to prepare before your next procedure:

  • Research your procedure
    • Based on a number of factors, there may be multiple procedure options for your targeted problem areas. Preliminary research into procedures available for your needs will help to give you an idea of what to plan for. For example, some procedures, by design, are less invasive than others, such as Body TITE versus Liposuction, and will require less healing and recovery time.
  • Schedule a consultation
    • An initial consultation with a specialist cosmetic surgeon will help to set realistic expectations of the procedure you have chosen. This consultation will give you a better idea of whether you are on the right track towards your expected outcome.
  • Get your financing in order
    • Before you commit to any procedure, make sure there is a payment or financing option that suits you.
  • Request the appropriate time off
    • Many cosmetic procedures, but not all, will require time off work. Depending on your chosen procedure, you may need as little as no time off, or as much as six weeks off of work. This also depends on the physical intensity of your job, as less strenuous jobs will allow you to return to work sooner than more laborious jobs.
  • Pack for your overnight stay
    • Sometimes an overnight stay is required post-procedure. Is this is the case, be sure to have everything you need packed in an overnight bag before you head out on the day of your procedure. This should include anything that will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and able to get a good night’s rest after your procedure. Don’t forget your toothbrush!
  • Arrange post-procedure travel
    • Whether your procedure requires an overnight stay or not, you may be more comfortable having your travel home arranged ahead of time. Driving may be uncomfortable post-procedure, and you always want to make sure you are being safe, and taking the proper precautions when heading home.
  • Prepare your personal after-care plan
    • If you are taking time off work post-procedure, and are advised to be resting to aid in your recovery, make sure you have arranged for all your day-to-day needs to be taken care of. It could be as simple as making sure you have enough food to skip your weekly grocery shop, or dropping the kids off at their grandparents house to give you a night off. Either way, make sure you are prepared so the only thing you have to think about post-procedure, is your recovery.
  • Know what you have to avoid
    • As mentioned before, some procedures require a break from physical activity or time off work. Blepharoplasty, for example, also requires you to keep your eyelid area clean and dry for up to two weeks post surgery. It is very important to have your post-procedure instructions of do’s and do-not’s very clear, so your recovery is smooth sailing.


If you have narrowed down your procedure wish list and are ready for a consultation, or if you need help with your procedure research, contact Clearview MediSpa to schedule a personalized consultation today, and get your pre-procedure to-do list started!


BodyFX: The Finishing Touch You’ve Been Looking For

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Even after committing to years of healthy eating and a vigorous exercise routine, it is entirely possible to still have areas that don’t look exactly the way we want them to. An issue you can face with a proper diet and exercise alone is that, most of the time, we will proportionally shrink all over, making it very difficult to specifically target one area of the body.

BodyFX, also referred to as body contouring, could be the finishing touch to finish your work-in-progress body that you have been looking for. BodyFX allows us to target the areas that concern us the most, allowing us to finally achieve the look you have been working towards.

How Does BodyFX Work?

BodyFX is a safe, non-invasive procedure that combines the technology of radio frequency with a high voltage pulse. Together, the pulse destroys the fat cells in the targeted area, while the radio frequency tightens the skin, creating the overall tightened and contoured look. The combination of these elements, along with the monitored temperature control during the procedure to prevent the risk of thermal injury, permanently kills the fat cells.

Along with reduced fat in the targeted areas, patients can also enjoy the tighter, more contoured look of their skin, as well as an improvement in the lumpy, irregular skin, also called cellulite. Common treatment areas for the BodyFX procedure include: the stomach (upper and lower abdomen), the hips, outer thighs, the buttocks, the bra line, and the upper arms.

Treatment Plan

As is standard with many cosmetic procedures and surgeries, the results and number of treatments will vary from patient to patient. Typically, BodyFX varies between 6 to 8 sessions, with one session per week, before the desired results are achieved.

The final number of sessions will depends both on the advice of the physician, and the look you are hoping to achieve. At the completion of the final treatment, patients are able to immediately return to their full, normal activities and routine, with no down time or discomfort. Due to the speed of the treatment and the recovery time, this procedure is a great option for most patients looking to tighten and contour their body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions and concerns specific to the procedure will be answered in your initial consultation. To be sure this procedure, and the timing, is right for you, be sure to check out the recovery time, financial options, and other frequently asked questions you may wish to discuss further with your cosmetic surgeon during your consultation.

BodyFX at Clearview MediSpa

Clearview MediSpa offers a wide range of procedures and surgeries to accommodate your body goals. If the BodyFX procedure sounds like the right fit for you, now is the time to get that finishing touch on the body you have worked so hard for. During the month of August, Clearview MediSpa is offering a promotion of $250 off of your BodyFX treatment.

Contact us to schedule your personalized consultation today, and be one step closer to your dream body.

Clearview MediSpa offers convenient and confidential financing for your procedure. Contact the office today for more information, to book a consultation, or if you have any other questions about the treatment. Book an Appointment
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