Face Tite

Face Tite Treatment

Face TITE in Toronto is a minimally invasive treatment which will eliminate fat or droopy areas on your face and neck and at the same time re-contour and firm those areas. This surgical face lift alternative will give you all the results of a face lift but without going under the surgeon’s knife.

Using radiofrequency technology Face TITE applies controlled heat to the most delicate areas of the face to safely tighten skin. This includes areas of the face like the brow and cheek, neck area and jowls.

Benefits of Face Tite

*Individual Results May Vary

Because Face TITE is a non-invasive treatment, there is minimal discomfort, it is a relatively short treatment, and very little down time is needed as compared to a normal face lift.

Using a local anesthetic or light sedation, patients see immediate results with skin being lifted by 40% almost instantly.

Face Tite Technology

Face TITE technology is a safe and effective way to bring back youthful contour and firmness that your face and neck once had.

The revolutionary hand held device applies heat just under the skin to produce more collagen. Results will continue to improve over a six week period as more collagen is generated and the skin continues to tighten.

FDA approved to be safe, Face TITE will target your specific problem areas. It will precisely rearrange and realign the collagen to improve the contour or your face and neck. No more sagging or loose skin which sometimes occurs after liposuction or surgical facelifts.

Schedule a consultation to see if Face TITE might be an alternative for you.

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