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5 Diets Guaranteed To Make Your Skin Glow

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Your lifestyle habits, including tanning, smoking, and what you eat can influence the condition of your skin either positively or adversely. While there are numerous cosmetics on the market that are advertised as “skin food,” the fact is that getting and maintaining a healthy complexion does not require a manufactured or packaged product.

Eating Habits For A Glowing Skin

While there are some good lotions and cleansers that seem to offer topical solutions to your skincare concerns, getting truly dazzling and hydrated skin starts with what is on your plate. In fact, there are certain foods that are known to ward off premature ageing, treat acne, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and even fight against pesky skin conditions. When included in your diet, these foods provide the body with the necessary tools strengthen and develop healthy skin tissues, nourish the skin, and make it glow. They include:

  1. Natto

    This Japanese dish is prepared from soybeans that are boiled and fermented with bacteria in order to increase their nutritional value. Natto has plenty of dietary vitamin K2, which promotes bone and cardiovascular health and boosts skin elasticity to prevent wrinkles.

    The dish also contains gut-healing probiotics that prevent inflammation, which in turn keeps skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne that stem from inflammation at bay.

  2. Salmon

    Salmon is not only rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3s, but also dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) that is known to promote healthy skin since it strengthens cell membranes. This, in turn, prevents the deterioration that results in premature ageing.

    DMAE also inhibits the production of arachidonic acid (AA) that causes inflammation and wrinkle formation, and works with B vitamins to boost acetylcholine levels – neurotransmitters that promote muscle function to help maintain the tone and firmness of your face.

  3. Tomatoes

    Tomatoes contain a phytochemical known as lycopene that strengthens collagen – the protein responsible for giving the skin its taut and youthful structure. Lycopene also protects the skin against the oxidising effect of UV radiation by getting rid of free radicals that cause skin ageing.

  4. Carrots

    They are not only great for your eyes, but also your skin. They contain lots of vitamin A and beta-carotene that inhibits the production of cells in the outer layer of the skin, helping to reduce the flaky dead cells that cause the skin pores to clog when combined with sebum.

  5. Sweet potatoes

    Nearly all fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants that give you a healthier and more attractive skin with a radiant glow. But studies suggest that red and orange vegetables, including the two mentioned above, sweet potatoes, and many others that contain carotenoids (give plants the red colour) give the best skin complexion when consumed regularly owing to the disease-fighting properties of carotenoids.

Generally, most diets containing fruits, vegetable, and nuts provide vitamins and minerals with anti-inflammatory properties and other effects that are guaranteed to make your skin youthful and glowing. For more information, and other ways to help improve your skin, contact the Clearview staff today.

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