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The Many Benefits of Collagen

The Many Benefits of Collagen

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Nowadays, collagen has become a popular protein in both the beauty and nutrition worlds. But you might ask, why exactly is collagen so important, and what can it do for your body?

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in our bodies as it acts as a connector that holds everything together from tissue and skin right down to our bones. As we age, the production of collagen slows down, which is why many opt to include it as a supplement in their daily lives.

At Clearview MediSpa, we offer collagen-stimulating treatments such as Forma, a revolutionary wrinkle treatment that helps the skin to generate new collagen for a more youthful appearance. Below we’ve gathered some of the best benefits of collagen to show you how useful and vital this key protein is.

Helps Improve Skin

In today’s market, many products and supplements advertise the anti-ageing properties of collagen. As much of our skin is composed of collagen, it plays a significant role in skin’s elasticity, strength, and suppleness.

Collagen is the most abundant when we are young; we can see the effects of ageing as we get older and start producing less collagen. This is why collagen is seen as a prime solution to dehydrated skin and dreaded wrinkles.

In fact, there have been studies observing women of different ages and their reactions to collagen supplements. Older women who take collagen supplements have visible improvements in the texture and elasticity of their skin.

While the information out there is definitely promising, keep in mind that the type of collagen supplement that has provided positive results for participants is hydrolyzed collagen. This type of collagen quickly and effectively absorbs and is used by the body. So, make sure to do your research and read the ingredient labels carefully before committing to anything.

While ingesting collagen has seen benefits, there are also ways to stimulate your body to generate more collagen. At Clearview MediSpa, we use Forma, a wrinkle treatment that uses the latest technologies, radiofrequency energy, and heat to tighten and smooth the skin, all while generating new collagen.

The benefits of this treatment include a reduction of fine lines and deep wrinkles, lifting and tightening of problematic areas and continuous improvements as treatments progress.

Additionally, treatments are non-invasive, require no downtime and minimal discomfort. Our specialists are dedicated to addressing your concerns and making sure that you are comfortable.

Strengthens Nails

Another major benefit of collagen is that it can help you grow and strengthen your weak, brittle nails. Do you ever wish that you could skip those trips to the nail salon and rock natural, beautiful nails? Or that your nails could grow a little bit past your fingertips before breaking or chipping completely?

If this sounds like you, then collagen could very well be your solution. Studies have reported that collagen can help grow nails and keep them from breaking. So if you’re in the market for beautiful natural nails — and who isn’t — then a little collagen in your routine might be just the solution for you.

Relieves Back Pain and Joint Pain

As we get older, it’s no secret that our bodies develop aches and pains in places that were otherwise running smoothly. Some of us even develop joint pain or arthritis in certain areas. The effects of collagen on joint and back pain have been studied, and while more research is needed to make a definitive conclusion, it has shown promise as a natural pain reliever.

This would make sense, as collagen is an integral protein in our connective tissue that supports our joints and helps them move properly. If we were to lose or damage vital connective tissue, it could easily result in joint pain and even loss of movement.

Promotes a Healthy Heart

Ultimately, the use of collagen promotes heart health by helping to lower cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease and plaque buildup in the arteries. This is especially important as we age and become more susceptible to these issues with decreased collagen production.

Depending on your diet, age, and genetics, you may be more at risk for heart disease, which makes it all the more important to start living a healthy lifestyle right now. Don’t wait until it’s too late, feed your body with nutritious food, exercise regularly, get outside and don’t be afraid to throw a little collagen in the mix while you’re at it!

Collagen-Rich Foods

While many choose to use supplements to enhance and up their collagen intake, there are many natural sources of collagen that are readily available and quite tasty. Fish such as salmon and tuna or vegetables like tomatoes, spinach or garlic all help your body to generate more collagen.

Eggs, peanuts, and berries are also nutritious collagen boosting foods. The most popular and well-known collagen booster is bone broth, a soup made from the brewed bones and tissue of cows or chicken. This has long been a natural anti-ageing remedy that many swear by. Some even suggest drinking bone broth daily to keep a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance.

Now that we’ve outlined many of the benefits of using collagen in your daily routine, we hope you can find a way to incorporate more of this healthy protein into your diet. At Clearview MediSpa in Toronto, we’re more than happy to help you upgrade your collagen use for firmer, younger-looking skin.

To learn more about collagen and its benefits, call Clearview MediSpa at 647-792-0980 or contact us here.

What Is Microneedling and Why You Need It Now!

What Is Microneedling and Why You Need It Now!

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Microneedling is fast becoming a trendy procedure for people of all ages. It works by driving the skin to heal itself through controlled micro-needles that puncture the epidermis.

Read on to discover the benefits of this popular procedure and how it works. If you book now, you’ll be glowing in time for all of your holiday parties.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a simple and effective treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, scars and ageing skin. For those who are looking to improve their skin texture and treat problem areas, this is a professional procedure that does just that. Quite simply, the treatment works by prompting the skin to repair itself by creating minor skin injuries through punctures of the skin with the micro-needling tool.

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Naturally, the skin then works to fill these microscopic punctures with collagen, resulting in a more youthful, firm, and hydrated look. Microneedling has recently become more popular as it is minimally-invasive, straight-forward and stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin naturally.

Microneedling Benefits

The benefits of micro-needling are numerous as it targets scars, wrinkles and the signs of ageing. Dry winter skin is often especially dehydrated and in need of a collagen boost.

After your micro-needling treatment, you will not see results right away as your skin may be sensitive, with swelling and redness. After a couple of days, these initial side effects will subside, and in the next few weeks following the treatment, you should see visible results.

Multiple sessions are often recommended to get the desired results. However, you should generally see improvements in your complexion, such as a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles as well as a hydrated, youthful appearance.

Preparing for Your Treatment

In order to prepare for your micro-needling session, there are some precautions that you should take. It is best to discuss these with your specialist during your consultation. Make sure to do your research beforehand as there are risks associated with the procedure, such as infections or reactions.

It is important to relay any necessary medical information and any medications or products that you are using to your specialist. Choose someone who is a licensed professional and has the right expertise in a clean, safe environment.

You may be asked to discontinue using certain products a couple of weeks before the treatment or to avoid waxing and lasers. You may also be advised to stay clear of alcohol or any anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil beforehand as these can interfere with the treatment process.

On the day of your treatment, make sure your skin is free from any products or makeup as your specialist will need to work on a clean base.

The Treatment Experience

One of the reasons that micro-needling is so popular is because it is safe, minimally invasive, and can be done on typically sensitive areas such as around the eyes and lips. Different sized needles are used to penetrate specific areas of the skin and address various issues.

Generally, needles used to treat the top layer of the skin start at 0.1mm and can increase in size up to 3mm. The longer needles are typically used to treat more severe scarring and deep wrinkles.

The micro-needling process itself can last up to an hour, depending on what area needs to be treated. You may feel a scratching sensation during the procedure, depending on your sensitivity level, the area being treated, and the length of the needle used.

If your specialist is using a longer needle, then there could be bleeding and irritation. Most deep treatments with the longer needles utilize a numbing cream beforehand to help with discomfort.


As your skin will be sensitive and susceptible to damage coming out of treatment, you must take care to protect it from the elements. This means avoiding exposure to the sun or tanning beds and wearing sunscreen daily.

You may also opt to forgo make up the first few days after treatment as it can clog your pores and generate buildup. Some specialists also recommend avoiding exercising or strenuous activity for a couple of days after treatment.

Keep in mind that your skin is in healing mode and therefore needs careful attention. Certain products or tools such as cleansing brushes or exfoliating scrubs can aggravate the skin further during this sensitive time.

To learn more about micro-needling and other anti-ageing skin treatments, call Clearview MediSpa at 647-792-0980 or contact us here.

Clearview MediSpa offers convenient and confidential financing for your procedure. Contact the office today for more information, to book a consultation, or if you have any other questions about the treatment. Book an Appointment