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Radio frequency treatment for skin

Radio Frequency: The Non-Invasive Alternative to a Face Lift

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When those pesky age lines start appearing on your face, it can be hard not to feel a little panicked. Where have the years gone? How did those wrinkles get there? While you can start fighting back right away with skin products, the truth is it becomes harder and harder to fight nature. It’s the lack of collagen production that makes your face show signs of ageing. Skin creams can do very little to stimulate collagen, which is needed to keep your appearance more youthful as it maintains firmness. The good news is that there are treatments today that help you keep your youthful look without the need for painful facelifts. Fractora is a form of radiofrequency treatment that gives you startling results without the unnatural pulled look of plastic surgery. Radiofrequency treatment is an excellent non-invasive option that helps stimulate collagen, helping you keep a more youthful appearance.

Why does skin age?

Generally, skin ages because of a natural process called oxidation. When this begins to happen, collagen fibres break down, which causes those annoying fine lines and wrinkles. Adding to the aged look is sagging and a “crepiness” that keeps skin looking dry all the time. This is because oxidation depletes skin volume. You might start to see those dreaded dark age spots that often appear on hands but can also appear on your face and chest, creating an uneven skin tone. All of these things work together to make you appear older, more tired, and even a little sad or angry. Things like frown lines keep your resting face looking unhappy, while “marionette” lines make you look jowly. Add sagging neck skin, and you begin to look much older than you feel.

What is radiofrequency?

With the introduction of radiofrequency treatments, you have an excellent way to combat all of these telltale signs of ageing. Radiofrequency energy helps gently heat the skin to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is like a natural fountain of youth that, unfortunately, starts to fail us as early as our late twenties. Using radiofrequency, we can reach the tissue below the top layer of skin, helping tissue produce new collagen and elastin. As a result, skin becomes firmer and tighter for a more youthful appearance.

How does radiofrequency work?

Radiofrequency is also known as “micro-needling”, which sounds much more painful than it actually is. Using a device with insulated needles, we can reach below the skin’s surface to deliver high-intensity radiofrequency energy to the tissue below. This allows the tissue to be warmed, which in turn stimulates new collagen fibre growth. Because our clinician can choose the depth, energy level, and the density for each client, we can target the areas where we will get the best results based on your particular needs. These highly tailored results were once only achievable using plastic surgery. However, treatments like Fractora have changed this.

With an average of three treatments within a 4–6-week interval, you will see excellent results that continue to improve with wrinkle reduction, improvement in texture, and scarring. Results will continue to build over time as your skin continues to work to repair itself following each treatment. Because the treatment makes tiny pinpricks, your skin will continue to soften as new collagen is produced.

How is the radiofrequency applied?

The process is quite simple, and we do everything possible to keep you comfortable during your treatment. Before we begin, a numbing gel or cream is applied to minimize discomfort. A wand allows us to direct the energy using tiny pins to heat the skin’s layers below. The energy “ablates” or removes the skin on the surface, while heat reaches inside the tissue to stimulate collagen production. While the idea of tiny needles might seem like it would damage skin, it actually has the opposite effect. The skin reacts to the tiny pins by sending all its healing powers to the treated area. As a result, healing is triggered, and the area creates a rejuvenated layer of skin that is fresh and glowing. The result is a more even skin tone and texture, tighter pores, smoother and firmer skin, and reduced wrinkles. It’s like an amped-up facial that helps your skin look its best fast.

Do radio frequency facial treatments hurt?

Luckily, this treatment is virtually pain-free, although some people might feel more of the sensation than others. And remember, we use a numbing cream to keep you comfortable throughout the process. Generally, it is a safe, non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime at all. A typical session takes just 30-45 minutes, and you can return to your day-to-day activities right away.

What happens after each appointment?

Immediately following your treatment, you might feel some tightness and also have some redness and swelling. This will fade in a few days, and you can apply makeup in a day or two as well. As mentioned, you won’t require downtime at all and can resume all normal activities immediately. We will provide post-treatment recommendations to minimize the risk of complications.

What are the benefits of radiofrequency treatments?

Youthful skin is, of course, the biggest benefit of Fractora skin rejuvenation. It will improve superficial skin tone issues, so your skin has a younger glow and a more even, tighter texture. Other benefits include:

  • There is little to no downtime with Fractora
  • It’s safe for all skin tones, unlike some laser treatments that can be risky for hyperpigmentation for those with darker skin tones
  • You get the same noticeable results you would with a fractional laser when targeting moderate and deep wrinkles
  • Fractora is tailored to your specific needs, so the results are more impressive
  • Improvement can be seen within two weeks of your treatment
  • You get more with this treatment when compared to traditional laser resurfacing thanks to the combination of the fractured resurfacing, plus the deep dermal heating
  • It works like a facelift for a tight, youthful chin and neckline
  • Smoother, firmer skin can take years off your appearance

You can speak to our experts at Clearview MediSpa to learn more about Fractora and if it’s the right treatment for you. If you would like more information, speak to our team today.

Effective treatments for stretch mark removal

Six Effective Treatments for Stretch Mark Removal

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Stretch marks can leave scars on your skin that can be very hard to hide. Although they are often associated with pregnancy, they can occur during many different times of life for both men and women. Genetics can determine whether or not you get stretch marks, and also determine the severity of their appearance. The most common cause of stretch marks is rapid weight gain or loss. That’s why they are so common during and/or following pregnancy. Stretch marks often fade on their own, but once there, they’re there for good! If you have stretch marks and would like to reduce their appearance, here are six effective treatments to consider.

What are stretch marks?

A stretch mark is actually a scar that develops when skin rapidly stretches and/or shrinks. Some people have them and don’t even realize that’s what they are. Because the skin is not used to such abrupt growth, it has difficulty adapting and is ruptured as the collagen and elastin are pulled. When the skin begins to heal from the stretching, it results in the scarred stretch marks. They can appear in different tones, but for the most part, you will see narrow bands on the skin that can be the same colour as your natural skin or vary in different shades of purples, reds, and browns. Another reason stretch marks are common for pregnant women, and teen girls are that fluctuating hormones can increase the risk for them to appear.

Some people will experience itching or tingling when stretch marks appear, and there can also be a feeling that the skin is slightly raised. Once the weight is lost, the marks will depress and feel like indents. The colours tend to fade to become closer to your natural skin tone as time passes. So, although they remain, they become less pronounced.

Who gets stretch marks?

The most common causes of stretch marks include:

  • Growth spurts during puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid weight loss or gain
  • Weight training that causes rapid muscle growth

During these periods, anyone can develop stretch marks, but the risk increases if you have others in your family with a history of stretch marks. Other risks for stretch marks include using a corticosteroid cream over a long period of time, or if you have Marfan Syndrome or Cushing’s Disease.

Begin with Prevention

The best way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is to try to prevent them. Pregnant women, in particular, should be moisturizing their baby bumps and thighs using a good moisturizer containing natural ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, and cocoa butter. Pure aloe vera gel is also a good choice as it has soothing, healing properties.

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, don’t use any products without speaking to your doctor first. Many products contain dangerous ingredients for your baby, like retinol, so bring your cream to your doctor to confirm it is baby safe.

What are treatments for stretch marks?

While stretch marks will fade, they are unfortunately permanent. So, while nature does its best to help reduce their appearance over time, you might need a little help to make them even less noticeable. Here are some of the best treatments to help with stretch mark removal:

1. Creams and lotions

Stretch mark creams can help to varying degrees. In fact, some will do absolutely nothing, which means you could waste a lot of money using them. The best rule of thumb to improve your chances of success include:

  • Use the product as soon as possible, as they tend not to work on older stretch marks.
  • Make sure to massage the cream into the scars to help them penetrate more effectively.
  • Apply the product every day for at least a few weeks, as it does take time to see results.

If, after a month or so, you don’t see any improvement, the cream might not be right for you.

2. Natural remedies

If you prefer the natural route, using the same oils recommended for prevention can help, including almond oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, or vitamin E.

3. Tanning products

Natural tanning will highlight your stretch marks, so avoid the sun. However, you can try fake tanners as they help camouflage the stretch marks by evening your skin tone. It won’t have any effect on helping them fade, but will instead act more of a coverup.

4. Prescription medicine

There are creams available with a prescription that can work for some people. Medications containing retinol, hyaluronic acid, and tretinoin can work on early stretch marks, but not on older ones. These are not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women, so be sure to get the thumbs up for use from your doctor.

5. Dermatologist applied cosmetic procedures

Dermatologists can perform a number of effective treatments, including:

Often, dermatologists will combine treatments to get the best results. A certified dermatologist must perform these procedures. You will also experience minor side effects immediately following most of these treatments, such as redness and swelling, and how long they last will vary based on your skin sensitivity and the treatment. In general, you can expect to be completely recovered in a few days, with some side effects only lasting for a few hours.


As mentioned, one of the natural products of your skin, collagen, is affected when stretch marks occur. Thus, it makes sense that it can assist in helping to repair the skin and bring back its elasticity and firmness. Using the latest technology, FORMA helps stimulate collagen production, resulting in tighter, smoother skin in areas where stretch marks appear. Because stretch marks consist of a series of “indents” and raised skin, the improvement to elasticity helps to even and fill the areas affected by stretch marks. It greatly improves skin texture, giving it a smoother, more consistent appearance. FORMA is safe for all skin types and is a very popular treatment to heal several skin woes, such as removing deep wrinkles and fine lines. It offers immediate results, which improves with each appointment and is non-invasive with no side effects. You will also experience little to no discomfort during your treatment. Unlike dermatologist treatments, you won’t require downtime and can return to work or get back to your day-to-day activities right away. Your skin will become more toned, and your skin colour will be even.

While there is no “cure” for stretch marks, these treatments can certainly help reduce their appearance. If you would like more information about FORMA, speak to our team at Clearview MediSpa today.

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