5 Easy Ways to Reduce Wrinkles for Beautiful, Younger-Looking Skin

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Easy ways to reduce wrinkles for beautiful, younger-looking skin

You’re beautiful at any age, but it’s true what they say — it’s hard to look good when you don’t feel good. And who can blame the modern woman, with the demands of a high-powered career, family life, and the signs of ageing that come with the day-to-day stress of living in Toronto?

Unlike eyebags and dark circles that go away with proper rest or can be covered up with a concealer, or acne that responds to a regular skin care regimen, some signs of ageing made worse by stress take a little more than rest, toner, and concealer to get rid of.

Anyone over the age of forty is no stranger to pesky wrinkles, making them look much older than they are and feel on the inside. But that ends now.

While we can’t turn back time to reduce stress and add heaps of sunscreen to your skincare routine in your twenties or even your teens, we can definitely still reduce wrinkles — even if blowing out birthday candles and experiencing other signs of ageing are inevitable.

All it takes is five simple self-care rules, from paying closer attention to your skin to living a better, healthier lifestyle.

Stay Out of the Sun

We know, it’s easier said than done. Everyone needs a healthy dose of vitamin D that comes with sunshine, but there’s no denying the fact that sun damage is the leading cause of wrinkles.

Simply, staying out under the heat of the sun without taking the right precautions makes the sun’s UV rays work double-time on your skin as free radicals form and damage the elastin fibres underneath.

And they won’t just cause wrinkles. You’ll also deal with brown spots, red blotches, and pigmentation, which only add years to your skin. With constant exposure to the sun, it won’t matter what genes you inherited.

If you must stay out, take proper precautions. Wear protective clothing to limit the amount of exposed skin, and if you can, avoid direct exposure when the sun is at its height, such as noon, or any day during summer in Toronto.

If You Must Stay Under the Sun

The cardinal rule of skincare: wear sunscreen. This is a good habit to get into at any age. It’s never too early or too late to start, and your skin will thank you for it.

Aside from preventing painful and damaging sunburn, sunscreen has long-term benefits in terms of shielding skin from UV exposure, reducing wrinkles in the process. And because your skin stays protected even with constant exposure, you’re less likely to develop skin cancer, you’ll stay just as beautiful for longer.

Kick the Habit

The reality is, there’s no shortage of health issues and complications that arise from smoking. But lung damage aside, cigarette smoke is also highly detrimental to the skin, prompting the signs of ageing, like wrinkles, into overdrive.

Various studies show that cigarette smoke releases an enzyme that breaks down the collagen and elastin fibres of the skin, causing ageing — often most visible as wrinkles.

The nicotine in cigarettes can also cause blood vessels on the skin to narrow, which restricts blood flow, and as a result, the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients like vitamin A. This adds to sagging skin and premature wrinkles.

If you’re still smoking — or are around family and friends who do — there’s no better time than now to kick the habit to reduce wrinkles.

Catch Some Zzz’s

Good, restful sleep is hard to come by, especially for the modern woman in Toronto dealing with a career and a busy social calendar. But it’s hard to take on the world when you don’t look and feel good. And there’s no better antidote to stress and the breakouts, dark circles, or worse – wrinkles – than regularly getting a good night’s rest.

More than feeling better and energized, there’s a science to getting a good night’s sleep and clear, younger-looking skin. According to dermatologists, a lack of sleep causes the body to produce excess cortisol, which is a hormone that’s harmful to skin cells. Cortisol causes them to break down, resulting in any number of imperfections that only add to a tired, sleepless appearance.

Make it a habit to get enough sleep every night, enabling your body to produce more human growth hormone (HGH) to repair the damage to your skin, restoring its elasticity and your youthful glow. With increased elasticity, wrinkles are reduced — and in the process, your energy restored for the day-to-day hustle out and about in Toronto.

Explore Lasting Wrinkle Reduction

With advanced wrinkles and signs of ageing, taking care of yourself requires a little more effort than sleep and sunscreen. It’s time to pamper yourself with a tried and tested treatment.

Enter Forma, the most advanced non-surgical treatment for reducing wrinkles in no time. Designed to target mild to moderate wrinkles and treat advanced ones in the long-term, Forma uses the latest in radiofrequency technology to reduce wrinkles by treating them at their root.

Combined with a trusted skincare regimen and healthy lifestyle choices, Forma effectively reduces wrinkles non-invasively. All it takes is a gentle heat delivered to the deepest layers of the skin that boosts collagen production and rebuilds the elasticity of otherwise loose skin.

Whether you’re dealing with loose skin on your face, tightening skin and reducing wrinkles around the eyelids, jowls, smile lines, and neck, or on the rest of your body, like in the arms, torso, and knees, Forma can treat these effectively, resulting in a younger-looking appearance.

For more easy ways to reduce wrinkles, call Clearview MediSpa at 647-792-0980 or contact us here.

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