5 Reasons Why Your Hands Are Giving Away Your Age

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Want to look younger? Fighting the effects of aging extends beyond just taking great care of your face. Even if you’ve been getting wrinkle treatments, regularly washing your face, and always wearing sunscreen, your hands can still reveal your true age. Let’s be real, you use your hands every single day (and pretty much all day), so it’s only natural for them to have some wear and tear.

However, you don’t need to worry! There’s a simple solution to keeping your hands looking as young as you feel, but first let’s take a look at what’s causing your hands to appear older than they are!

Dry Skin

Are your hands feeling dried out? This can be a huge problem, especially right after a cold winter. As you get older, your skin produces less of the natural oils that normally keep your hands feeling hydrated. If you work with your hands, then the odds of developing dry skin are increased. Even household tasks like doing the dishes can rob your hands of moisture and speed up the aging process.

While drinking lots of water is fantastic for your overall health, it will unfortunately have little effect on preventing your hands from drying out. Instead, you should one of the golden rules of skincare in mind: moisturize! Invest in a rich, high quality moisturizer. Look for one that contains vitamin E especially – vitamin E is fantastic at clearing your body of free radicals that can harm the elasticity of your skin. If you moisturize your hands regularly, you can look forward to having silky smooth skin, even in the harshest winter!


Another common side effect of aging is the emergence of visible veins on the back of your hands. During the aging process, our skin begins to lose its firmness its thickness, causing it to appear thinner. This allows for the veins on the back of our hands to look more prominent – a dead giveaway for the age on your driver’s license.


When you apply sunscreen, do you normally get the back of your hands? Even if you do, your hands will probably still develop sunspots over time. Sunspots are dark patches of skin that appear when part of your skin has been exposed to excessive UV light over a long period of time.

This normal part of aging really shows that although you’ve clearly had lots of fun in the sun, you’ve also been around for a while. Preventing sunspots can be especially tough since we wash our hands throughout the day so often. Regularly reapplying sunscreen to your hands all day long is important if you want to reduce your chance of developing sunspots.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Ah, yes. Wrinkles. No discussion about aging would be complete without them. Over time, your skin produces less collagen and loses elasticity, leading to loose and saggy skin as well as wrinkles and fine lines. Wrinkles can start forming as early as your 20s and will continue to get worse as you get older. There’s really nothing worse than having a fresh, youthful face, but worn out hands!

Weathered Nails

Paying attention to your nails can be just as important as your skin when it comes to keeping your hands healthy. It’s natural for your nails to become weaker as you getting older, leading to an increased chance of breakage. Your nails can also undergo discolouration, meaning they might appear darker or more yellow. Nails lose their strength and become damaged over time due to lots of washing and drying as well as exposure to chemicals like nail polishes.

How to Treat Aging Hands

Thankfully, there are some great solutions for rejuvenating your hands and making them look as fresh and beautiful as the rest of you! Our Hand Rejuvenation treatments use fillers to restore your youthful glow and keep your age our little secret.

What are you waiting for? Book your appointment today and keep your whole body beautiful – including your hands!


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