The Forma Magic: Making Mature Skin Look Younger Than Ever

The Forma Magic: Making Mature Skin Look Younger Than Ever

You’re beautiful at any age, but it’s hard to feel that way on some days. Past a certain age, the skin changes, causing a loss of laxity and sagging as well as wrinkles and fine lines. They say life starts at 40 but for women dealing with these inevitable signs of ageing, it can feel like quite the opposite.

The good news is, there’s no shortage of anti-ageing treatments; from multi-step skincare routines all the way to cosmetic surgery, women all over Toronto can definitely find the perfect treatment for their needs. But what if there was an anti-ageing treatment that’s just right in the middle of these two options? Enter the Forma skin treatment. Using cutting-edge technology, Forma applies radiofrequency energy to the most common problem areas riddled with wrinkles and sagging skin, resulting in a perfect lift and toned appearance — but without the surgery.

Ready to roll back the years to look and feel your best again? Find out why the train stops here with Forma skin treatment:

What is Forma?

Forma is the latest non-invasive skin treatment to debut that uses radiofrequency to improve the elasticity of the skin and promote collagen production. The result is healthy, younger-looking skin in no virtually no time!

In the past, laser skin treatments weren’t suited for all skin types, but not anymore. Forma is designed to treat all skin types, meaning it is both safe and effective no matter the skin tone.

Total Body Rejuvenation

When we think of anti-ageing, it’s common to focus on crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and fine lines, but there are more signs on the rest of the body. In fact, wrinkles and loose skin are also common on the arms, known as “bat wings”, abdomen, and knees. The regular Forma treatment targets the forehead, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, smile lines, jowls, and neck, while the Pro version takes care of the entire body. The result is tight skin and a toned appearance all over.

The Science Behind Forma

There’s a reason why the Forma skin treatment is revolutionary: it’s all in the technology. Each Forma skin treatment delivers radio frequency and heat deep in the layers of the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen as this depletes over time, causing loose and sagging skin. The gentle heat causes the layers of the skin to contract and tighten loose skin. The result is a toned, younger-looking appearance from your twenties and thirties that didn’t seem possible until now.

Because the Forma uses radio frequency and heat to treat the signs of ageing, it’s a completely non-invasive procedure with virtually no downtime. While it’s normal to see slight redness in treated areas, this easily subsides within a few hours. In just 6 weekly sessions, you can already observe great changes in your skin as fine lines quickly ease up; plus, if skin laxity or sagging skin is only mild, you may even achieve the refreshed and youthful appearance you desire in fewer treatments.

Is Forma skin treatment right for me?

Whether you’re tired of following a multi-step skincare routine and feel like you’re getting nowhere with this tedious treatment, or you’re unsure about undergoing extensive and invasive cosmetic treatments, it’s time to consider the benefits of Forma. But is it right for you?

Forma is the perfect anti-ageing skin treatment for people dealing with various skin problems, such as texture irregularities, uneven skin tone, and most importantly, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Forma works to target these issues using radio frequency and gentle heat in order to tighten skin, improve its appearance, and give your entire body a much-needed lift and toning. The result is smooth, tightened skin that better highlights the natural contours of your body. Forma can be used to treat wrinkles and loose, sagging skin in the arms, abdomen, and legs — making it a perfect addition to Forma treatments on the facial area, and giving you younger-looking skin and a beautiful glow all over your body.

During Your Forma Skin Treatment

Unlike other skin treatments, Forma requires virtually no preparation. To start, your consultation at a clinic will determine how many treatments you need in order to ease the signs of ageing and restore younger-looking skin. The number of treatments required will depend on the degree of laxity in your skin, as well as the pronouncements of other irregularities, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks.

Before starting your Forma skin treatment, a cool conductive gel will be applied to the area being treated. This allows safe and effective contact between the Forma device and your skin, and ensures optimal delivery of radio frequency and heat to the deepest layers of aged skin in the arms, thighs, back, and abdomen. It’s normal to feel a hot sensation on the treated area as radio frequency and heat are applied and work to tighten skin and give you that much-needed lift, but this is perfectly safe and not at all uncomfortable.

This process takes about 15 minutes for every part of the treated area, and afterwards, a cool towel will be placed on it to wash away the gel and cool the skin. Cream and sunscreen may also be applied to protect the area as you step out and lock in the skin tightening and lifting effects of each treatment.

Countless patients are happy and satisfied after every Forma skin treatment. That’s because the gentle heat is refreshing and relaxing, just like getting a massage — but looking years younger once your sessions are completed. If you’re looking to speed up the process and get the best results possible, it’s important to know that Forma is perfectly safe to combine with other skin treatments, such as Botox, fillers, laser treatments, and facials. Just make sure to run these by your doctor, so they can plan out your treatments accordingly.

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