How To Get Full Lips

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Full Lips


If you yearn for full, beautiful, luscious lips you should know that they’re within reach. Yes, there are plenty of options to achieve the full, sultry lips you have always wanted. Here are your options for plumping your pout:


Beauty Tricks

Some beauty tricks help you achieve full lips. Exfoliating, for example, can give you a rosier looking mouth. Stimulate the tissue with a plumping gloss that contains spices such as black pepper or cinnamon helps plump up your lips by mildly irritating the skin.


Lip Treatments

Boost the collagen in your lips with a lip treatment. These treatments work to bind water to your lips to help keep them looking moisturized, healthy and full.



You can use your makeup bag to make your lips appear fuller. Opting for light coloured lipsticks, for instance, will magnify the appearance of your lips. Topping off your lipstick with gloss will have a similar effect, especially when it’s applied strategically in the centre of your top and bottom lips.


Dermal Fillers

Okay, so beauty tricks, lip treatments, and makeup don’t seem to do your lips justice. Dermal fillers are a quick and easy way to plump your pout and rejuvenate your smile by adding volume.


These fillers include options like Juvederm, Botox, Restylane and more, but your doctor knows which will work best for you. Make an appointment at Clearview MediSpa for a free consultation to help you determine which treatment option is right for you.

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