Writemypapers.org has been operating on the market for many years. During this time, the exchange has gained a fairly large audience. The main mass are students, because this group of people need different papers: essays, term papers, theses, and so on. In this article, we will learn how to start working on this exchange, whether you are a customer or a performer.

Getting started as a freelancer

At the very beginning, you need to pass a simple registration. Next-confirm your e-mail. After that, you need to create a profile: upload a photo, a portfolio, write any topics, and most importantly-who you will work with. You should also write about your education (years of study), phone number. It is worth noting that on this exchange, freelancers treat their work quite professionally and responsibly. Before starting work, the author must pass various tests for literacy and General knowledge of the Russian language. In addition to the native language, there are also foreign languages.

How to place an order

After registration, it is desirable to create your profile. Then post your order. In it, the main thing is to correctly specify the technical task, the amount of text and the deadline.

A deadline is the time when the performer must deliver the work to the requester.

Next, the customer needs to select a performer. You can choose by rating, portfolio, work experience, and so on.

Features of the Writemypapers.org exchange

A freelancer can choose an order from the entire list that they will perform. Then the customer chooses from all the authors. The choice usually stops at those authors who have a full profile, high rating, and a lot of experience just around the corner. But if a freelancer is just starting out, then they need to be more active in order to raise their rating through their work and accumulate experience. On the exchange, the majority of professionals work, who have a lot of experience in writing articles of various complexity.

Prices and discounts

Prices here are among the lowest in the CIS. There is also a discount system. One of them is a 10% discount on the first order, which is very profitable, especially if the order was created for a large amount of money. Apparently, this point of the site attracts the largest number of students.

Partners of the website

Partners are payment systems: MasterCard, QIWI, PayPal, Visa, and others. Based on this, the following point follows.

Withdrawal and Deposit of funds

You can do this by pressing a couple of keys on the site. After adding funds to the balance, the customer can create their own order, because when making an order, the amount is blocked until the author completes the order, and then goes to the freelancer’s balance. The withdrawal button is also present next to it. You only need to submit a withdrawal request and wait for your account balance to be replenished.

Employees of Writemypapers.org

The authors of the articles are literate and hardworking. Perform work efficiently and with full responsibility. There were no cases of copy paste or stolen articles. After all, all articles are checked using a special plagiarism check by editors. The advantage is that the author and editor actually work on the article. The author writes the article, the editor checks it for all errors and whether there is a proper uniqueness.


It is worth paying due attention to the exchange. To the question of whether to choose this company for writing, the answer is “Yes”. Because based on customer reviews and this review, we can say that the exchange remains stable, because people work on it for years. The exchange is suitable for people of all ages: from simple students to advanced entrepreneurs. The company’s opinion is solely objective.

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